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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Worthington Hall Clock

As with most of my clocks, this one is made of mahogany with cottonwood trim. It is thirty-one inches tall, twelve inches wide and five and a half inches deep. This is the only clock I've made so far that hangs on the wall. Because of that, I made the back piece out of half inch material and built it up on a three quarter inch false frame. I wanted it to be stronger than the typical clock since it's entire weight would be supported by a nail or screw.

The plans for this one come from Wildwood Deisigns at .

If any of you go to these websites at look at the plan pictures, you may notice something. While I build according to their plans or close to it, I usually don't use the same kind of clock mechanisms they do. I have a reason for that. I take pride in the fact that these are hand made clocks. Because of that, I just don't want to use a clock face or insert I buy elsewhere. I would rather design a more unique face and cut it out myself. While some may disagree, I think it adds more character to each of the clocks. I have stars on the "Patriot Clock", fringe around the edges of this clock, and I try to design something more "fitting" than just a simple clock face or insert.

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