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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Steepled Church Clock

This "Steepled Church Clock" stands two foot high at the highest point. It is twenty one inches from front to back and sixteen inches wide. It is made of mahogany with cottonwood trim. On the inside, there is an oak floor to look like hardwood flooring. I thought the oak just complimented the inside look. It has five pews and the pulpit. On this clock, I had to install a light inside to show it off. This is probably my favorite clock. It is one of those pieces that just catches your eye from across a crowded room. I swear that if I didn't have eight kids, this clock would be sitting in my home. We don't have a large home though, and if it got broken, I would cry.

The plans for this clock come from Wildwood Designs at . I warn anyone thinking of trying it though, this is the first project I've done in a long time that I had to walk away from several times just to get a break from the saw. There is just so much delicate detail on it.

I posted more pictures than normal of this particular clock. I am just so proud of it. Of all my projects, this is usually the first one people walk to.

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