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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Iowan

I'm going to have to double up if I'm going to show some of my past projects while keeping up with all the latest too. Man, I wish I'd learned how easy this blogging stuff was earlier. Thanks Steve Good.

I finished this clock several weeks ago. It's made from mahogany with cottonwood trim. It stands 32" tall. It is 16" wide and 9" deep. I say it all the time though. Pictures do not do these things justice. You have to see them in person to really appreciate how amazing they are. That's not just my boasting. That's what I've been told over and over.
This one is called The Iowan. It took close to fifty total hours to complete. It is, in my opinion, one of the nicest clocks I have done. I really don't like the name of it, but I don't like changing the clock's names when it's someone elses design. I feel like I've disrespected the designer if I do that. I got the pattern from Wildwood Designs.

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