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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing Rocks Like A Deere

I didn't even start a new sale project today. I've been looking for a trailer for some time now. I've given up on finding one to my satisfaction. So, I rode over to Harbor Freight today. I bought one of their unassembled four foot by eight trailers. Then I spent the afternoon with my boys helping me assemble the frame. I needed to get this done to make sure all the parts are there. Later on, as I have time, I'm going to build it the way I want. It'll have oak flooring and sides. What I got in mind will be nice, so down the road, you may see pictures of it.
So instead, today I'm posting one of my past projects. Here is a rocking tractor. I built this several months ago. I wanted it green, but I am definately not a fan of paint. So, after consulting the sales lady at the Home Depot, I found out they could tint stain. I didn't know this. So what you see on this tractor is green stain. I personally loved the way it turned out.

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