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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excuses, Escuses

I haven't been in the shop in several days now. I'm down in my wheelchair, not able to walk. So, I've only been posting about projects I've already done. I'm getting mighty antsy to start on something new. I did order a few new patterns today from Wildwood Designs. Maybe I'll be feeling better when they come in. Actually, it's my own fault I'm down. Several months ago, I was given an old srping drive Sear and Roebuck scroll saw. It has an eighteen inch throat. The cleaning and lubricating on an old saw that had been sitting up was to be expected. The only problem with the saw was that the way the previous owner had it mounted, the external motor sat higher than the saw table, which could potentially get in the way of turning projects while cutting. So, I had to remove the saw and build up the mounting surface to get the table above the motor.
My first mistake was underestimating the weight of the old saw. When I just grabbed it and snatched it up, it was much heavier than I thought. Then, being a metal table, I turned it upside down on my work table to screw from the bottom into a new table top. Turns out, the table was heavier than I thought too. My wife helped me. However, when we went to turn the table back over, there was a "catch" in my back.
All this happened about mid morning. I didn't think anything else about it. Then about four or five that evening, I started realizing I was hurting way more than normal. Then the next day, I couldn't even get dressed on my own. I've been here before many times since '99 when I fractured my back. It doesn't make it any less frustrating though.

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