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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Patriot Clock

Well, let's get started then. Since this is new, I thought I'd start with the project I just finished. This is the "Patriot" clock. The patterns I used came from Mr. Steve Good over at Scrollsaw workshop. You really ought to check him out at .

I actually used two of his patterns here. The top three layers was actually his "Patriot" clock. Then I added my own clock face design and used his POW/MIA pattern for the base section. Then I used stencils to put "pride" and "honor" on the sides of that. The entire thing is made of mahogany and stands forty inches tall. It took about twenty hours to complete. It can be bought at .

As usual for me, this clock was a pleasure to make. There are times when I'm doing good (healthwise) that my wife will walk over to the shop around midnight to find out if I'm coming home. She asks, "Are you married to me, or the wood?"

I love all types of scrolling and fretwork. I must admit though that clocks are my favorite. I think that is so because they are something that when I'm done I get one of two responses. Some who don't know much about scrolling want to know how I get all those little holes in there. Then I get to proudly show a little demonstration of the scrollsaw. Then again, other simply say WOW. That always makes me beam with pride. I hope you enjoy the things I post here. Check back often. When I take breaks from the shop, or when I'm down, I'll post all I can here.

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