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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rocking Roarer

For my first day doing this, I had to add a little info about one of my alltime favorite projects. This is called the "Rocking Roarer". I have made two of these so far. The one in the picture is done strictly by the plans. The other one I eliminated the front fender and extended the front fork a little to give it more of a "chopper" look.
This project took around forty hours to complete. Yes, it is made entirely of wood. that's the question I get most about it. The rockers are cut on the bandsaw. The few straight pieces on it are cut on the table saw. Everything else is done on the scrollsaw. Everything is stained. I don't like using paint on toys because it peals after so many years. The tires turn on it and the front forks turn by the handle bars.
I got the plans for this at a site I stumbled on by accident at . Check them out. I've gotten some great plans from them way before I even knew what a scrollsaw was and they have great service. They''ve always treated me right. If you'd like to make a rocking toy, check them out for sure. They have everything from rocking motorcycles and airplanes to hippos and camels. When my back is feeling better, I have plans over at the shop now to make a rocking pig.
I sell this item for $250. I don't list it on the internet though because of shipping problems. With it being four foot long and so heavy, shipping would be ridiculously high on it. If anyone lived close enough to pick it up though and wanted one, I'd be happy to make it for them.

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