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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rocking Iron Horse

I have built several of these in the past. If built according to the plans though, there are wood slats for the sides of the boiler, with space in between them. I've been saying for some time now that I thought it would look better with a solid built boiler. I finally decided the only way to find that out though was going to be to actually build it. So I did.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scrollwork Desk Cabinet

This is what has been keeping me occupied lately. This is a scroll work desk cabinet. The plans to build this can be purchased here. It is made of cottonwood with mahogany accents. It is forty six inches wide and seven feet tall.
The upper section has ten doors, four small ones on each side that and the two large double doors. Above that, on top of the crowned topper, there is additional storage space inside the fenced area.
On each side of the ten door panel are shelves for even more storage.
Below that is a decorative area that lets down for a writing table.
Then four drawers below that for even more storage. If that isn't enough storage, you'll notice also more shelves beside the writing table, the drawers, and on the base on each side of the scrolled arch piece.
Here is the storage space behind the large double doors on the upper level.
All of the small doors on each side of the large double doors open for small areas of additional storage.
Here's the writing table opened to reveal the storage behind it.
On each side of the four drawers is a compartment that is sort of hidden in plain site. The double doors on each side open to reveal yet more storage area. Most people never notice these. They are right around the corner from false door panels on the front. Unless you pull the knobs to open these doors, most assume they are false panels as well.
And the four drawers open.

This has been a very exciting project for me. It is by far the largest I have ever tackled. I wanted a challenge and this did provide it. If anyone wants to build this, the plans are well worth the cost. It will take patience though. If you plan on building this as a weekend project, plan on a lot of weekends.

I hope this project was worth the wait for you all to see. Now my problem is figuring out what to build next.