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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rally On The River '09

The Rally On The River event was a success considering the weather. I hated to hear that the night's events were called due to weather. I read about it in today's paper. The daytime events though went off without a hitch though, almost. For the vendors that cancelled, you missed a great opportunity. True, we did have to pull our wares inside the tents a few times due to light rain, it was all in all a good day. I think everyone had a great time. I met people from all over. I think the customers who came the farthest was a couple I spoke with who travel here every year from Seatle, Washington. The wife was originally from here. I just hope the husband makes it back home alright. He kept making wise cracks at southerners. We'll do it again next year. I hope everyone who came comes back and invites at least a few friends too.

I want to thank every single person I talked to at the Rally. I had a great time. While I may not recognize every single person if you call, please understand I talked to probably a thousand people yesterday. I do appreciate from the bottom of my heart though you stopping by my booth. I also thank you all for the wonderful compliments you gave me on my hard work. I do put a lot of time into my work. More importantly, I put a lot of love into it. This wood is my passion. You can rest assured that anything I create for you is done with pride and quality.

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