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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rocking Chairs or Cradles or Both

Everywhere my projects were seen, everyone always has suggestions on what I should build. It always comes up that I ought to build some rocking chairs. Well, what people didn't understand was that I mostly build what I like. It is a hobby after all. If I was going to build a rocking chair, it had to be something that I'd enjoy doing. For anyone who knows me, that means it would have to be something unique or different. Then I seen the plans at for a rocking chair and cradle combo. I remembered the enjoyment I got building the rocking canopy cradle, so that was the rocking chair for me. I had never seen a rocking chair before that with a cradle built onto it.
The "Rocking Cradle with Canopy" was actually a free plan I downloaded. I really can't remember the website I got it off of. It is made of cottonwood and stained with a pecan stain. It is very large. It's hard to tell that from the picture. Some have seen it on the internet and asked if it was a real cradle or a doll cradle. People who have seen it in person say it is big enough for twins.
The "Rocking Chair/Cradle Combo" came from . It is solid oak. A man bought it from me before I had a chance to take it apart for scraps, which I was planning on doing. I was not at all happy with it. I built it according to the plans. The whole time I was building it, something didn't feel right to me. I was completely done before I realized what it was. The plans called for the rocking chair portion of the rocker to be eighteen inches wide. To me, this is just not wide enough. To be comfortable, it needs a wider seat. Oh well. I'll go wider with the next one I build.

1 comment:

  1. I have been searching everywhere for plans like the rocking chair/cradle combo you built. I've seen several, but they all had spindles and extra embellishments that I wasn't wanting. I looked at the site you referenced and couldn't find it there either. Could you provide the exact plan information? I'm only a beginner, but I'd desperately like to make this for a friend.