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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pirate Shelf

I got caught off guard today. I had an order from my Etsy site at for one of my Pirate Shelves. The problem with that was that my last one left my shop a couple months back, but I forgot to take it off the website. So, I cut one out today. Because of the rush on it, I wasn't able to make it like I normally do. Normally I cut this from cottonwood and stain it dark walnut. If I'd done that today though and sealed it up in a box to ship out first thing in the morning, the stain smell would probably have knocked the customer down when they opened the box. So, instead I cut this one out of mahogany. I think the customer will be very happy with that. They'll get it made of an exotic wood for the same price. I take care of my customers though.

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