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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Depot Kid's Workshop

I carried my kids down to Home Depot today. The first saturday of each month, they have a Kid's Workshop. They build something different each month. The workshop involves a kit that comes with all the wood pre-cut, so the kids aren't around any dangerous power tools. All they do is assemble the parts where the instructions say, start the nails in pre-marked holes, and put together a little project. They get to keep their aprons, where they can stick on their little pins they get each time of the projects they've done. After they've built their project, they get a snack and a certificate showing the class they completed. It's a great time for all, the kids and the parent alike.

This month, they built a little bean bag toss. Next month, it is going to be about fire safety. They will be serving hot dogs. The fire truck will be there. The kids will be building a firehouse bank. I was told by the guy running the workshop today that they do this at every Home Depot all across the country. So, find out the exact date of the workshop and your local Home Depot and carry your kids down next month. I guarantee you and your kids will have a great time.

Today was my kid's first time going. Now we have a standing date for me to carry them each month. Unless something very important comes up, I will have them there. I love the fact that they get to build little projects that they can actually use while not having to worry about them getting hurt on power tools in my shop.

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