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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Twist

I made a few twists to my latest motorcycle. The rocker is stained honey pine. I changed the wheel design to four holes instead of eight. I think that opened them up more for a sleaker look. I used china red stain for the body parts. I used pearl gray stain for the frame pieces. The biggest change though is the tailpipes, rims, and various other parts though. I normally use nothing but stain. I decided to use silver paint on some parts this time.
If anyone would like to purchase this rocker, contact me. They sell for two hundred and fifty dollars. I'm sorry, but I do not ship these, so it will have to be picked up if you aren't close enough for me to deliver it. They are just too big and heavy to ship. It is fifty inches long. I do deliver to nearby towns for a small delivery fee.
Don't forget to click on the comment link below this post and let me know what everyone thinks of the new changes.

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