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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mythical Creatures

It has been a rough couple of weeks. I haven't gotten a whole lot of cutting done. Here are my latest works though. Both are eleven by fourteen portraits. The patterns come from Wildwood Designs. You can find the link to that company in my links section if you'd like to cut these yourself. Both are cut into cottonwood that has been planed to a quarter inch. The backer is an eighth inch sheet of cottonwood that has been colored with ebony stain by Minwax. The frame is mahogany.
These were actually the first mitered frames I've made in years. I wanted to give them a more special touch. These two are going to my wife for Mother's Day. I am not listing these at this time on the Etsy site simply because I have no more cut right now. If anyone would like to buy one though, please contact me. I can always cut some more. As for that matter, anything you see on this site can be ordered. Simply contact via the email link at the right side and bottom of the site page. I do not post my phone number here for security reasons. You can email me your phone number though or a request for mine and we can make arrangements for your purchases.

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