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Friday, May 8, 2009

Let There Be Lights

Things have been slow lately. I've been having various health and personal issues. I cut every chance I can though. This is my latest work. It's called the "King's Candlestick". It came from another pattern from Wildwood Designs. It is made from solid aromatic cedar. The exception is the five candle cups. I'm not quite good enough on my lathe yet to create those, so they were bought at the craft store. I'm not sure of the wood species on them.

In the coming weeks you may notice a few changes here and there on my site. I'm going to try and redesign everything to sell my projects straight from this site. I've heard several complaints about the Etsy site. While I do recommend Etsy to any and all craftsman, I just think a better route for me will be selling direct.

Also, I still am getting no comments. I welcome all criticism, suggestions, or compliments. My work can only get better from feedback. Below every post is a the word "comment". Click on it and you can leave comments for me to read. You do not have to have a blogspot account to leave one.

1 comment:

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