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Saturday, May 30, 2009


These are not actually "new" projects. They were done a few months back. I was looking over the site though and noticed that while I have a lot of fretwork posted, there was not many portraits. Portraits are sort of the staple of scrollsawing for so many people that I figured I'd add more to the site. I hope in the near future to sit down and take the time to learn a new trick. Over at scrollsaw village, there is a lesson on making your own patterns using a program called GIMP. There is a link to Scrollsaw Village at the right if you'd like to go check it out yourself. I want to learn this technique so I can turn photographs into scrollsaw patterns. I think that would be just the coolest thing.

Anyway, the portraits you see are all mounted on a piece of stained cottonwood. They are scrolled into birch plywood. I no longer use plywood, but these were cut back before I got my planer. They were framed with a simple shadowbox style. If you've been keeping up with the site, you know that since then, I have been polishing up my mitering skills by making some nicer frames. After getting multiple opinions, I think the mitered frames have won the vote of public opinion. So, in the future, unless requested otherwise, that's the style I'll use.

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