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Monday, May 11, 2009

Changes In The Works

At the right, you may have notice in the past the links section. In that section, and sometimes in my posts, you can also find exact locations where anyone can get the patterns to build the projects I feature on the site. If any of you have ever clicked on one of these links, then you may also notice what some of these patterns cost. Just at this time, I have probably at least a thousand dollars invested in patterns. I had a conversation about this a few days ago with a reader. I was asked how they could help simply because they liked my work. So the idea was born for the donate button. You will now find this button at the right too. Any money donated will go to patterns or saved for maybe an eventual better web site.

In the near futre, there will be another button placed to the right to buy my projects. As I stated in an earlier post, I am trying to move away from an outside site and start selling directly from here. In the meantime, however, if anyone would like to buy anything I have written about on this blog, and do not wish to go through Wooden Memories at the Etsy site, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yes, there is a link at the right to do that too. I will be glad to get back with you with a price plus shipping. Then, for now, you could just pay using the donate button. I do hope in the near future that this will simplfy a few things. Then maybe I could spend more time in the shop and not online.


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