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Saturday, May 30, 2009

For The Deer Hunters

These are also some projects from a while back. I'm trying to make sure I've got posted all the past projects for future references. My plans are to get that out of the way. Besides trying to find a source for selling my projects straight from the blog, I want to make sure everything is here so I can spend more time in the shop and less online.

The top picture is a Deer Spindle Shelf. It is made entirely of cottonwood. The bottom two pictures are different deer themed Display Rifles. The bottom one is three quarter cottonwood. The top one is one quarter cottonwood attached to half inch mahogany. The both have their own little display stand. They look great on a mantle or shelf.

As usual for now, just contact me if you are interested in buying any of these. There is a contact link in several different places around the site.

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