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Friday, June 3, 2011

Mike T. Has Some Good Advice

One day, a friend of Mike T. came into his garage and asked Mike to make something for him from a poster he had rolled up in his hands. Being a busy man, Mike told him to set the poster down and he would get to it later. This is where Mike's advice comes in. He says to always be sure what you are supposed to be doing before you say you will do it.
That's very good advice Mike, because I would have been tempted to back out of this one. I understand though. Some of us are still around who are men of our word. I think you may be one of those men, because you not only done it, you did a fantastic job of it too.
This is called "Our Lady Of Guadalupe". It is a beautiful piece of art. Mike did say he got another friend to paint the faces. He says he does know his limitations. It is a segmented project that is made out of three quarter inch thick clear white pine.
Mike also told that he is a proud member of the Inland Empire Scroll Saw Association of So. Ca. Any fellow scrollers in that area may want to check them out.
Mike, this is some impressive work. I hope you send me more photos of your projects so we all can enjoy them. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

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