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Monday, June 6, 2011

Jewelry Cabinet by Willy B.

This is a project Willy B. built from plans in an old Woodsmith magazine that he made some modifications to in order to make it to his liking. It stands five feet tall with a top section that he designed himself. It is made out of red oak with legs that he also designed and built himself. It is twenty one inches wide and fifteen inches deep.

The top section he designed to hold pieces that are worn often. Each drawer he made separations in and lined with red felt. The first drawer holds rings, the second has twelve small compartments for small items. The separations get larger as you go down until the last couple are full drawers. When you open the L-shaped sides it reveals hooks on each side to hang necklaces on.

Willy, this is another fine project. You can really see the dedication to quality in each of your pieces of work.

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