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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rubber Band Gatling Gun

This is one of those projects that I have just wanted to do for a long time and kept putting it off. For ages I have happened across videos and photos all over the internet of these type toys and they have always peaked my interest. So I finally caved in and order the plans from here. I have seen a lot of others that looked more complicated. This site is where I remembered first seeing and entertaining this idea from though. So that is the source I decided to go back to when I was ready to purchase plans.

It is not a hard build. It is kind of aggravating to get it fine tuned to work just right. As a matter of fact, although I'm posting it now, it is still not completely finished. It still wants to hang up every now and then. I am not sure if it's the angle of the trip rod or something else. When it does hang up, it is no big deal. It'll just miss a rubber band or two. When you're loaded completely, with one hundred bands though, one or two doesn't make too much difference. I will go back at a later date and do some more fine tuning. However, for now, every time I mess with it, I get too busy playing with it to mess with the fine tuning to much degree.

I have only found one drawback to this toy. That is that it take between twenty and thirty minutes to load it. Then it takes two to four seconds to empty it of all one hundred rubber bands. It is fun though.

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