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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mahogany Chest With Cedar Lining

I have been wanting to build this project again. I built one last Christmas season for my daughter out of solid aromatic cedar. I didn't have enough cedar for another just like it, so this one is mahogany with aromatic cedar lining.

While I wouldn't suggest this project to a beginner, it is not that difficult of one to do. A good table saw makes it a fairly doable project though for the novice woodworker with minimum scroll sawing skills. The plans can be purchased from Wildwood Designs here.

The shell of this one is made of solid mahogany. The front, sides, lid, and floor are lined with aromatic cedar. The plans give one scroll work panel design for the front and sides, and another one for the top. I wanted them all the same, so I just picked out my favorite of the two.


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