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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jesus's 2nd Fall

As promised, here's my latest cutting. After my last post, I just had to hurry up and get a new cutting to post. I finished the Last Supper order and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do another religious themed portrait. So I remembered a pattern I had downloaded a while back from Scrollsaw Village. This portrait is called Jesus's 2nd Fall. It was designed by Cathy, a Scrollsaw Village member's wife. I think she did a great design job.

The frame is custom made of mahogany. I always cut keyhole slots in the back to hang them with. I tried something a little different on this cutting though. The portait is cut from luan plywood. It's a beautiful plywood that is used a lot by cabinet makers. Then, contrary to my hate for paint, the background is spray painted black. I think it gave a more consistant color than my usual stain. I may do some more portraits in this style.

As always, until I get this listed on Etsy, anyone wishing to purchase it can contact me at .

Anyone looking for a great online scrollsaw community should definately check out Scrollsaw Village at . It's a very friendly site and we are always thankful to have new scrollers join. It doesn't matter if you've been scrolling for years or are only considering buying a saw. Go check them out. Sign up and make some new friends.

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