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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christ Ascending

This is a Jeff Zaffino pattern. His website is listed in the links section. He creates some very detailed patterns. Most of them are a challenge to even expert scrollers. This one is called Christ Ascending. It has around three hundred inside cuts. I've actually cut this one before, but it was before I started making mitered frames, so I thought it was time to cut it again.

It is framed in a custom made mahogany frame with keyhole slots at the back to hang it with. The cutting is luan. The backing painted plywood.

The original cutting I done is lited on Estsy for a hundred dollars. It's higher because it is completly encased with mahogany backer and all. This newer cutting was done with cheaper woods so I could get the price down to seventy five. I think it still looks just as nice.

1 comment:

  1. Hey William, I appreciate your post about handmade vs. lazer cut products, and couldn't agree more. We live in a Walmartish, throw away world today. I always resent how these dollar stores and cheapo nick nack stores sell these slave labor products for cheap money! It's not just the exploitation aspect as it is the de-value-ing of hand made products. I use to sculpt with polymer clay(figurines), until I realized that I would never be paid in terms of the hours of work I put into them; all people generally care about is saving a buck. Trying to get the public to give our work and craftsmanship it's true value is quite the feat these days. It seems that we have be "specialists" who market mainly thru the high-end gift stores, shows, or fairs. It's kind of why I create products mainly from peoples photographs; I got frustrated with the way people generally could not give my work it's deserved value. I live in New England too, where people are just too stinking cold! Good luck with your passion(great work, by the way)& God Bless!
    Sincerely, Kevin Landry