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Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Pens

I don't have a whole lot to talk about today. I turned some more pens. I done something different with them. I don't know how many people would notice much special about them. I am trying some ideas I had though.
Also, I glued up some wood for two more bowls that I hope to turn tomorrow.
In the meantime though, here are the pens.
Two different pens made with birdseye maple. I turned the stock so that the grain runs across the pen instead of along the length of it though. It gives it more of a marble effect.
For this cedar pen, I cut it so the pen material ran across the board, catching both heart wood, and sap wood. Since there is such a dramatic difference in color between these two in cedar, I was trying to capture that contrast in a pen. I could have easily just had light on one end going to dark on the other. By flipping one of the ends though before turning, it gave it a nicer appearance I think.
For this pen, I only had enough blood wood to do one more pen, and I wanted to make it without the metal center ring. It came up just a tad shy of being long enough though. Since this was my last piece of this species of wood, I was determined to make it into what I wanted. So I added a glue in inlaid wooden band of birdseye maple. I am glad I did as I like the look of it better than just a simple blood wood pen.

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