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Friday, March 22, 2013

If I Could Write A Book

Did I say I was getting back to bowls?
Did I also say that turning was starting to seem like an addiction?
I was able to get some pen kits from Penn State Industries to makes some better looking pens that those I made from tearing apart store bought pens.
I never thought I would love doing pens. As a matter of fact, someone suggested I do pens once and I said no way. I thought I would be bored doing them.
I have learned as of late though that pens are fun for me.
  • They are quick and easy, producing quickly seen results.
  • They are challenging if you don't practice proper techniques.
  • There are a thousand different slight variations of the same pen.
  • There are millions of combinations of woods and hardware.
  • I can do them sitting on a stool when I'm hurting.
  • I can do them standing if I start hurting from sitting.
  • And did I mention they are fun?
I think that just about says it all.
Well, actually I think the following photos will say it all.
Aromatic cedar with chrome hardware.
Birdseye maple with chrome hardware on the first photo, and twenty four carat gold hardware in the next.
Box elder with satin gold hardware.
Pecan with chrome hardware.
Cocobolo with twenty four carat gold hardware in the first, and satin gold hardware in the next.
Red oak with copper hardware.
Sapelle with copper hardware.
Walnut with copper hardware in the first photo, and chrome in the next.
Bloodwood with chrome hardware.
So as you can see, I've been on a pen making binge. I don't know what else to tell you about these.
If you happen to have any questions about any of them, please do not hesitate to ask by clicking the comment link below this post.
Any of these pens are for sell for fifteen dollars, except for the cocobolo. The cocobolo pens are seventeen. I have to charge a little extra for the pen made with exotic hard woods because the wood costs me more. 

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