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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shotgun Lamp

There is a nice old fellow that lives in the neighborhood behind me. He stops by from time to time to see what new project I'm working on. Some time ago, he brought me this old Springfield twelve gauge shotgun. He wanted to see what I could do with it. He had found it sticking out of one of his neighbor's garbage cans. It was no longer any good and the neighbor had stripped all the internal parts out of it that were worth saving.

I made a pecan base for the lamp. I used a lamp kit and threaded the wires down through the barrel and out the ejection port. My original idea was to have the wire running all the way through and coming out of the bottom of the base. The butt stock started cracking while I was trying to hog out the material though. So I had to stop on that and come up with this backup plan.

So, this old guy once made the comment that I could make anything with anything. I didn't want to make him wrong.

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