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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shop Made 16" Bandsaw

So here is the new toy I posted about a few days ago, in it's completed state.
The plans I used to build this saw are by Mathius Wandel. You can read more about it here.

It is a sixteen inch band saw. This means that the wheels are sixteen inches in diameter. It can re saw up to ten and a half inch wood. The saw, without the stand is four foot tall. It has a throat depth of fifteen and a half inches.

It runs extremely smooth. It is even smoother than my factory made Craftsman band saw. This is due to careful balancing of everything.

In the above photo you can see it passes the nickel test. If you look closely you will notice that you can't see the teeth on the blade. That's because it's running.

The nickel test is done by placing a nickel on the table with a piece of equipment running. If the nickel will stand on edge on it's on, it passes the nickel test.

So how does it cut? Well I think this photo tells the story. This slice was taken off with ease. It is eight inches wide and the saw slices through it like a knife through hot butter.

This last photo though really tells the story. This is the slice you seen in the previous photo, held up to a light.

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