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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharpening Stations

Next I wanted a good way to keep my sharpening supplies neat and usable. I didn't want to set up a dedicated sharpening station like some do with its own floor space. I have problems in my shop making people who come in understand that some things should never be introduced into a wood shop. Oil is one of those things. Since I use oil on all my stones, it was important to me to have a good sharpening station that could be packed away and put up when not being used.
I built three sharpening stations. The one in this first photo is just for some cheap diamond plates I have. I built this one for others to use. I don't like anyone messing with my good stones and blocks. So this is for others. The main ones I have in mind with this one is my kids. They are getting into wood work now, and I wanted them to have a way to sharpen tools as well.
This photo though shows the way I made my sharpening stations. The work surface has a board attached to the bottom that clamps into the vice. This keeps them stable, but can be unclamped and stored away when not in use.

Here is my diamond plates. They are Smith brand sharpeners. The yellow one is course and the orange one is fine. The white you see on the right is a piece of leather. I have not put compound on it yet, but this is a leather stropping pad I made.

These are my favorite sharpening stones. They are Norton bench stones. From the left, I have course, medium, fine, extra fine, and ultra fine. On the far right is another strop.

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