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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chisels To Be Proud Of

They are not the best chisels. They are definitely not the most expensive chisels. I can now be proud of them though. Through some willingness to learn something new, and a lot of work, I can literally shave hair with these chisels. Also, since I'm developing habits to strop them regularly, and proper honing techniques, I now have the confidence that I can keep them this way.
For sharpening, I am using techniques taught by Mr. Paul Sellers. I find that using both my diamond plates and my oil stones work best for getting these chisels into shape. Now that they're sharp though, I can use just my oil stones to keep them sharp though.
I started off getting my initial shape done on my course diamond plate. I then moved to the fine diamond plate. I done this to all the chisels. This got them pretty sharp. I didn't want pretty sharp though. I want scary sharp.
So I then moved on to my oil stones. I skipped the course stone. The course oil stone is courser than my fine diamond plate, so this would be moving backwards in my opinion. I worked the chisels through the medium, fine, extra fine, and the ultra fine stones. I then polished them on the strop.
The bench chisels towards the top of the photo are my favorite ones. Below that are my carving chisels. To the right are my lathe tools. The other five chisels you see in the photo are ones I don't like. I keep these around though and decided to go ahead and sharpen them for anyone else who may come into my shop needing to use a chisel. For you wood workers out there, you know I don't want anyone else messing with my favorite chisels.

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