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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forgotten Cuttings

I have CRS disease. Any of you who aren't aware of this infliction, it stands for "Can't Remember S....well you can figure out the rest"
Often when I need just a single cutting of a picture I will throw in an extra layer and cut an extra. I do this so that if I mess one up while sanding or from some other unforeseen accident, I have an extra to work with. Then I don't have to start completely over if I mess up. Of course, this means that when everything goes well, I wind up with simply an extra cutting. I usually just frame these to have on hand.
Well, this past Christmas I was running behind building presents. I cut a pegasus for a chest and a wolf for a CD case. In both cases everything went well and I had extra cuttings of both portraits. I didn't have time to frame them at the moment, so I just hung the extra cuttings on my shop wall on a nail to frame at a later date. I had forgotten all about them until I happen to look up earlier today and notice them.
So I didn't cut these today. I just framed them.
They're only about seven months late.

1 comment:

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