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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Dragon Pattern Hunt

After "Merlin And The Dragon" on Friday, I received several e-mails wishing for more information about the pattern for the dragon. I sent an email to Willy B., but had not received any word back by this afternoon. It's a holiday weekend, and I figured he's busy with family. So, I went dragon hunting.
I found the dragon pattern. Willy pulled a fast one on us though. The pattern is a very nice one of a dragon. However, the tree is added to the dragon by Willy. I won't know until I hear from him if the tree pattern is from elsewhere or if he drew it. I did find the dragon though.
The pattern for the dragon can be found at The Art Factory. As you can see, I linked the pattern and the Art Factory. I done so because I hope some of you take the time to check out the Art Factory website while you're there.
The Art Factory is the new website showcasing the amazing work of Dirk Boelman. If any of you are experienced scroller, you may recognize Dirk's name from numerous patterns from all over the place. I place him in regard as one of the greatest scroll saw pattern designers of all time. He does extraordinary work. Be sure to check him out.

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