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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Truck Mailbox

Ever since I made a custom mailbox for our house, I'd been wanting to make a couple of different designs for sale. This is my first attempt at it. It is simply a standard mailbox with wood attached to it and painted to look like a truck.
This was one of my favorite type of projects. What I mean by that is the plans I used. I used none. I simply drew straight onto the wood I was going to cut and sort of made it up as I went along. I enjoy working that way sometimes.
I hope to do some other designs in the future. I'll have to wait and see if this one sells, or even gets any interest for that matter.


  1. Do you have plans available for the Truck Mailbox.

  2. I am sorry. I do not. This is something I sort of made up as I went along.