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Monday, March 5, 2012

Perfume Tray

This is a small perfume tray I made for my wife. It is one of the present I am giving her this Friday for our anniversary.

It is made of aromatic cedar. It is six inches wide, ten inches long, and five inches tall. It is unfinished except for the bottom because my wife lives the smell of aromatic cedar. I applied Johnson's Paste Wax on the bottom to protect a personal message I wrote on the bottom to her.

If any of you would like to cut and make one of these, the pattern can be found here.

It is designed by Steve Goode. If you are a scroller, be sure to check out his website, Scrollsaw Workshop. There are plenty of free patterns there. However, if you use a lot of his patterns, as I have in the past, and can afford it, please consider making a donation to his site. He puts a lot of time into that site and appreciates all the help he can get with the financial cost of keeping it up. There is a link near the top where anyone can make a donation to his site through PayPal.

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