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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Hand Plane

I have a few wood working buddies here in Mississippi. They are big into hand tools, especially planes. I have resisted getting into that because, quite frankly, I can't afford anymore on my hobby than what I'm already spending. Things get expensive, especially when I can't sell any of my work.
Well, this morning, I went to an estate sale. As much as I have resisted getting into this interesting part of the wood working hobby, I just couldn't pass up a plane for one dollar that seemed to be in pretty good shape.
It is a Dunlap plane. All the metal parts are in used, but excellent shape. The wood, not so great, but I am a wood worker, so I knew that was not an issue. Besides, like I said, it was one dollar. I have spent more than that on a cup of coffee. So how could I go wrong?

So I carried it home and tore it apart. Everything, after cleaning it up, was in even better shape than I had imagined. I only found three marking on it. The plastic knob above the blade iron has the word Dunlap on it. The inside of the throat area has a three stamped on it. The blade iron has the words, "Made in Germany" stamped.

The only real issue was the handles. They just simply looked like crap. I thought I could sand the paint off and refinish them. While doing so though, I also noticed some cracks. So I decided to just make some more.

Any of you reading this that collect planes may be laughing at these. I am quite happy with them though. Keep in mind, this is my first hand plane. For a first timer, I don't think these shop made handles are bad at all.

All cleaned up, I think it looks nice. Looks aren't the deciding factor here though, is it?

It works fine. I'm in a situation now. I am a power tool guy. I am also a broke power tool guy. Now though, all I can think about is all the different hand planes I would love to have that I cannot afford.

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  1. Ah ha. The day it all started.