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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Walnut And Box Elder

Today's is not a very long post. The title pretty much explains it all. I have somehow gotten on a walnut and box elder habit. I don't know why besides I like it. In my opinion, it is a beautiful combination of woods for some of my experimentation.
I've always loved walnut. However, before a friend of mine in Alabama sent me a few walnut pen blanks, I'd never had the chance to work with it as much as I have lately. The box elder came from a friend who lives in Indiana. The two woods together create a very nice contrast.
For my first pen today, some of my friends expressed like for the wavy patterned pen I attempted yesterday. So I tried it first.
It did not turn out exactly like the one I tried yesterday. No two pens are ever exactly alike. When you glue in strips like in this pen, you never know exactly how they'll turn out until you turn it. I still think it is a nice pen though. I think I'll play with this style some more in the future.
Next, if you seen the other blank I had clamped up in the vice when I finished yesterday, was a piece of walnut with two strips of elder running across each other at a steep end to end angle.
Now, after I drilled for and glued in the tubes in these blanks, I needed something to do while waiting for that to dry. So I took some more walnut and box elder and just started messing around. I did not plan on anything with this next pen. I simply started slicing it on the band saw. Then I glued in a strip and let it sit while I turned the first pen. Anytime I had a break, like while waiting on a coat of CA glue to dry for example, I'd slice and glue in another strip. I just wanted to see how it would turn out.
I think interesting is the best way I could describe how it turned out. 

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