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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Doctor's Pen

I am going tomorrow morning to see a friend who is a doctor. All this week I've had ideas rambling around in my head for a pen design for me to take to him. I had these ideas of this wild design on a pen.
Then I went into the shop today to actually make the blank, and a thought entered my head as I was getting together material. This man is a doctor. If I make some wild looking pen, he may appreciate it, but it'll more than likely wind up in a desk drawer. A doctor is not going to carry around a pen that is going to catch every one's attention the moment he pulls it out of his pocket. I think a doctor would prefer a more simple, yet elegant pen.
It is the same walnut and box elder theme I've been working with lately. Instead of all kinds of crazy glued up pieces though, I decided on two simple rings glued in at a thirty degree angle. After completing it, I think this is much more fitting for a doctor than some of my crazier ideas.
I enjoy making all pens. However, after doing a simple pen, I like to go back to wild.
The last pen I posted yesterday, with the randomly glued in slices of box elder, seemed to get a good response from all who seen it. I wanted to do that again, but try a different material.
I used purple heart and box elder.
I added one more slice than I used on the pen from yesterday. Also, I varied the thickness of those slices.
I plan on making more pens in this style in the future. I realize there are so many variables to this design that change according to number of slices, thickness of those slices, angles of the slices, and also you could use more than just the two color contrast that I've done so far. The possibilities are endless. 

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