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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Marble Tower

This is my latest marble machine, The Marble Tower. It stands around thirty inches tall with the marble storage unit installed on top. It is unique from the others in that it uses one inch marbles. You load twenty six marbles into the marble storage unit on top. Then you push a start button to begin one marble down it's path. Once that marble reach bottom, it activates a trigger that releases the next marble, that goes on a track that is opposite the first track and runs a different course. This continues until all twenty six marbles have run their course.
It is made of cottonwood for the boxes and supports, sapelle for the tracks and ramps, and sycamore for the base and feet.
This was built closely to a design by a man named Richard Brown. I usually link to plans anytime I use plans at all in the construction of a project. From a past bad experience though, I have stopped doing that unless I feel confident that the plans are good enough for anyone to use. While this project was a blast to build, and I had fun with it, due to issues I had with the plans, I can see where some people would have some issues building this from the plans. Therefore, if you want to build this, send me an email. I will tell you where to purchase the plans if you can't find them on your own. I will not be responsible though for any aggravation you may suffer from them. Do not get angry with me if you have problems. I enjoyed it. If you do not enjoy problem solving, redesigning, and figuring things out on your own though, then these plans are not for you.
All that being said, please watch my video and leave a comment on You Tube if you like it.

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