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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Not A Collector

I have gotten on this hand plane kick over the last year. In the past, I didn't even like the things. It was always too hard on my back to use them. Once I acquired a decent set of oil stones and learned how to properly sharpen them and tune them up, it became a pleasure to use them. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in the Tim "The Tool Man" way of doing things when possible, but from time to time, it is relaxing to me to save a few electrons and use hand tools.
Anyway, I have been setting these on a shelf in my shop as I get them. I never intended to have more than one or two. I keep finding deals I just can't pass up though. For instance, I recently bought a #4 Stanley from the early 1950s for a grand total of one buck. It amazes me. Some people practically give these away because, as I've learned, a lot of other people buy them cheap just to hang on a wall and "collect" them. Well, my friends, I would wouldn't say I'd ever go strictly hand tools, but I will say this. I am not a collector, I am a user.
Last week, I started to realize a small problem. I had filled up that small shelf that I had started setting my planes on, and was half way through filling up another one. It was time to take action before this usable collection gets out of hand.
So I found it was time to take one end of my middle work bench, which I use for tool storage mostly, and build a plane till. All the center dividers are only screwed down. This allows me to move things around at a later date if I happen across anymore deals I can't pass up on new hand tools.

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