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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wolf CD Case

For one of my sons for Christmas, I made him a CD case. He likes wolves. He had told me he would like a a wolf portrait I had done in the past for Christmas. Well the problem was that I didn't want to just make him something I'd done in the past. I wanted all these Christmas present I make this year to be special. Also, I had a feeling that a portrait was just the only wolf themed project he could think of for me to build for him.
I know he doesn't really have a place to put his CDs. I went to look at ideas for a medium sized CD case in Wal-Mart. Can you believe they make CD cases out of cardboard? From there, I thought about putting a wolf on it. I debated on this though because I only had about three different wolf patterns, all of which I'd done numerous times in the past. Then I bought the holiday issue of Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts. In that issue was a pattern for the gray wolf you see on the lid of the CD case I built.
When I saw the pattern of the gray wolf, I knew I wanted to put it on the case. However, the pattern was smaller than I wanted. I'm not very educated when it come to computer stuff. So, it took me almost an entire day to figure out how to enlarge the pattern to a suitable size. I'd enlarged patterns like this before. I don't do it often enough though. Every time I start to do this, I have to relearn the process all over again.
The CD case turned out pretty nice I think though. The box and outer trim for the lid are cherry. The inside pieces of the lid are walnut. The framework on the inside of the box to support the CDs is made out of cottonwood. The wolf detail consists of two pieces of luan. One has the pattern cut out of it with another piece painted flat back placed behind the cutting.


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