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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

U.S. Army Trunk

I have seven sons and one daughter. Some of my kids, from the time they are small, decide almost on a daily basis something different they want to do when they grow up. One of my sons is different though. Almost as long as I can remember, he has ate, slept, and breathed U.S. Army. He is now in his last year of high school and I can honestly say that this time next year, bar some unforeseen life changing event, he will be in the army. So, this is what I wanted to build him for the last Christmas we'll have with him before that time.
Now, first of all, on this project, I have to thank Steve Goode for the army emblem pattern. His site can be found here . The pattern itself can be downloaded here . If you want some great patterns for gift ideas, please go on over and check out his site, Scrollsaw Workshop. He puts a huge amount of work into providing some of the best free patterns you'll find on the internet.
The trunk itself was not built from a pattern. I bought a thirty inch piano hinge and sort of built it from there, making it up as I went.
The box itself is made of pecan. It is "wrapped" in oak strips. The army emblem is made of mahogany. Then the entire thing is finished using Johnson's paste wax.
If you look at the fourth photo, it is looking at the back side of the box with the lid open. You may notice how the oak strips on the back of the box are cut so that the catch the strips on the lid and support it when the lid is open.
The brass handles on each end look nice on it. There is a potential problem though. I am afraid they will only be to look good. I did substitute the small screws for a little larger screws. I still don't think though they are going to support the weight of the trunk loaded. It turned out quite a bit heavier than I realized. I did however realize it when I finished and went to move it.

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