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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dog Days Of Summer

I have been absent from posting for some time. I wound up getting a virus on my computer. Through a lot of research and frustration, I finally got rid of the virus, I think. It apparently though fried parts of certain programs on the computer. I have been unable to post photos online. 
Anyway, to make this long story shorter, I now have a computer again and hope to be posting more regularly for a long time to come.

Now that I've explained all that, I still haven't been able to get as much done lately as I'd like. I tackled a project larger than I normally do. On top of that, I don't seem to be handling the heat of these dog days of summer very well.
And yes, the title ties directly into the project.
 It is not the first time I've been asked to do a dog cage of some type. It is however the first time I've said yes. What started as a simple project though turned into something much larger and time consuming than I originally thought. 
Everything but the top is made of cotton wood and stained with Minwax gloss pecan polyshades.
The top is made of pecan.
It is actually built in two sections to make it easier to move. The top section separates from the bottom. 
The bottom has two doors that opens up to two seperate dog cages.
When put together, the whole thing is bar stool height.
The top part also has a large drawer in it to store such things as leashes, extra collars, or whatever else the man who this was built for desires.
The top is router carved with a bulldog emblem and the man's business name. 
The carving is about a quarter inch deep and then the recesses were painted black. Afterwards, the whole thing was finished with Minwax polyurethane.
The man plans on putting a large pieces of glass on top of this so he can serve guests on it. The idea behind this project was something he could put his dogs in when he has a cookout and still use the space above the dog cage to serve friends on.
I'm including an extra photo of the bulldog emblem because I've had a lot of friends already ask about it.
I do not know where the emblem came from. The man who I built it for provided the photo. I only enlarged it and went to work on the wood with it.


Before I go, I did wish to show one more project I recently done.
The desk furthest away in this photo was brought to me. A man bought it at a flea market. When he got it home though, his two daughters both liked it. This left him in need of another. So he brought it to me to see if I could build him a replica. I gave it my best shot.
Here is another view of the one I built.
I wish I had more to show you at the moment. 
In between all this, I have also been doing a lot of shop improvements and rearranging as of late. If I don't do anything else soon, I know I'll soon be ready to show you all a new shop update. 


  1. DIYaholic, aka Randy here,
    Glad you are able to ramble on in proper fashion....
    Your blogs are always a pleasure to read!!!

    Great work.... looking forward to the shop "upgrades"!!!

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