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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Honey Do Log

Every man knows about the honey do list.
My wife doesn't necessarily make a list. She just let's me know when she needs something done and I do it as soon as I can.
Well this morning, my wife brought me all of this. It is the things she and the kids use for school projects, such as science fair boards. She has had this in a bag that she pulls out when there is a project to be done. She wanted something better to store them so she could pull them out and everything be in an orderly fashion.
So what could I do?
Well I done what any man does. I stalled. I asked questions like, "well honey, what did you have in mind?"
She said she didn't care if I put holes in a log to stick it all in, just get it done.
Here's some advice ladies. Never, NEVER, tell a guy he can check something off the honey do list simply by drilling some holes in a log, even if you're just joking. If you do, you will probably get some holes in a log.
No, I'm serious.
You'll get some holes in a log.
It works, and she's happy.
Only part of this story is true. My wife did want something to put all this in. The rest of it was my attempt at adding a tiny bit of humor to a short, boring project post.
Actually, I was looking for a large enough block of wood to make something like this. I thought it would be neat to make it out of a piece of log. This was an interesting project. It took more thought than I thought it would to get jigs rigged up to drill the holes at workable angles on both sides of the log without it trying to buck or move on the drill press table.


  1. Awesome. Love the humor.

  2. This is a great way and simple décor. wish I had a log cabin in the woods. I would want it stocked with one of everything you have created thus far.

  3. I love your stuff too...I want...well...I just want it ALL!!!