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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dark Horse

This is the rocking horse chair. I have built several of these in the past. I was looking at one of my other past projects though and realized that I had only done this project in light colored wood. I thought it would look nice in a darker color. So I stained it with Minwax dark walnut stain.
This one is a really simple project for anyone who wishes to make one. The plans for it can be found here. I can make one, without the finish, in a day. Even for the novice woodworker though, I honestly believe it would only be a weekend project at the most.
The plans have all the parts drawn out in full size patterns. All you do is trace them using carbon paper, or attach straight to the wood if you only plan on making one, and cut the few parts out then assemble it. There are as many ways to attach wood together as there are names you can come up with for your horse. For this type of project though, I like to use Titebond II glue and screws. I countersink the screws, plug the holes, and sand the plugs off flush.


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