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Friday, May 24, 2013

Castle Bed

I hadn't heard from our friend Willy B. In a While. If you check the reader's projects section on my categorized post page (here) you can see a lot of Willy B.'s work. After posting the boat cradle a few days ago though, Willy sent my photos of the bed he'd made for his grand daughter, and it is fit for a princess.
He done a great job on it. He built it from plans that you can purchase here from the Winfield Collection.
The headboard looks like a castle.
The foot of the bed keeps going with the castle look. I think the bed as a whole has the look of going across a moat, across a bridge, to the castle to see royalty.
There's also a magic mirror.
And what princess castle would be complete without a princess?
You done a great job on it Willy. I think you made that little girl extremely happy. Please don't wait so long before sending me more photos. I always enjoy seeing your work.
That same goes for other readers. If you'd like to see your work posted on my blog. Just send me some photos and description to either of my email addresses.


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  2. that's a big bed for a little girl alone why don't I join you

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