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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marble Machine 2.1

I have built another marble machine. This one was designed by Matthias Wandel. You can view his site here. He has some amazing plans available if you are a wood worker. You may remember his name if you seen the shop made sixteen inch band saw I built last year. He also designed it.
The one I built this time is called the Marble Machine 2.1. The designer calls this one 2.1 because the plans he has available are based on his second marble machine design. However, he had to change a few things to make the plans easier to do. So he added the .1 part.
Here's some photos.
It was a ton of fun to build, and it is fun to play with. As a matter of fact, since completing it, I have yet to find one person who is able to walk past it without turning the crank on it.
I used a lot of those scraps I refuse to throw away on the small parts of this one. By the time it was done, this project has a lot of different woods on it. Plywood, oak, pecan, sapelle, cottonwood, pine, walnut, cedar, and I am not even sure I named them all. It is all finished with two coats of Watco Danish Oil.
As with the last marble machine, it is hard to tell the whole story without a video. So here it is.
I hope you enjoy it. I hope some wood workers are inspired to try a marble machine yourself. They are time consuming, but not difficult. I highly suggest this one if you really want to do one. Mr. Wandel's plans are reasonably priced, and well laid out. With just basic wood working knowledge, I think anyone could follow his plans and build this machine.

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