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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boat Shelves

This project is a major deviation from my normal routine. First of all, I used the band saw and table saw, but not the scroll saw. Those who keep up with my blog know that I normally figure out a way to use the scroll saw on everything, but not this time. Also, the majority of these are covered in paint. I do not like paint, at all. I use a lot of stain and clear finishes. I have a dislike for paint though.

This four piece set is surprisingly easy to build. They are made from three quarter inch stock and quarter inch plywood. The largest is six feet tall. The smallest one, the curio cabinet style that is designed to hang on the wall, is twenty two inches tall.

If you'd like to build one of these, or all of them, you can order the plans separately or as a set from here. I was going to order just the largest one, but after figuring it up decided it was such a good deal to order the whole set, I figure why not?

The hardest part of building these is coaxing the plywood around the curve of the bottom. After learning from the first one though, the rest were a breeze. I glued and nailed it at the bow of the boat. Then I went and had coffee while giving the glue time to set up and hold it in place. Then I came back and started gluing and nailing while working my way to the transom end. Doing it this way, everything fell right into place with no problems.

I finished the rails and insides with Minwax polyurethane. I let this set overnight and then came back and painted the outside of the boat with interior latex paint.


  1. Well! You might not like Paint William but they turned out BEAUTIFULLY!! You should "Stray" off the "Little Saw" more often!!...LOL.. Living in Canada, Loving to FISH, I'd try and figure out how to get an Outboard Motor on the Biggest one!

    From your Build Description I bet it would handle it!! NICE WORK SIR!!

    LJ Rick

  2. Thanks Rick.
    My brother and I have already discussed making one of these water tight so it can float. I have grander ideas though. I want so badly to afford the lumber one day to make a nice cedar strip boat to fish in.
    I love fishing too. You need to make your way towards Mississippi one day so I can show you how to snag some spoonbill.


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