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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Reader's Project

Some time ago I got an email from a guy named Bruce that had seen the motorcycles I have built and posted here on this blog. He wanted to build one. He and I talked back and forth for a few days via email. I offered him whatever advice I could think of on the building of the project. I really didn't know if I was much help or not, but I do try to help fellow wood workers in any way that I can.
So, I got an email from him the other day. He had completed his project. He sent a photo, but to be honest about it, I was so tired that night that I saved the photo without even looking at it. Well, I did look at it tonight and I was simply flabbergasted. In my opinion, this far surpasses anything I could have done. Great job Bruce. So what's your next project?
Any fellow woodworkers out there that read my blog, I would love to make this a regular thing, showcasing other's works as well as my own. Send me an email with photos to

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