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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rocking Tractor

My latest work is this Rocking Tractor. Now the plans for this tractor, which I bought at are actually for a riding tractor. I use a rocker assembly from a different pattern to make a rocker out of it. With so many tractor fanatics around my area, I wanted a rocking tractor to add to my line of rocking toys, but could not for the life of me find one I was happy with. So I found a tractor pattern I was happy with and just added the rocker.
The green color on this one is made using Green Tea tinted water based stain. The yellow and black is painted. The rocker assembly I used Bulls Eye Shellac on.
As some people know, I never make two rockers the same. This one as well has a few hard to notice changes. The tractor body is a little wider. The hitch at the rear was eliminated because, being on a rocker, I only seen it as something for a child to get hung on. I eliminated the stowaway area under the seat in exchange for more support blocks. The exhaust pipes on top is offset instead of center.
The biggest change to this though, over the last tractor I built, is the rocker assembly. I have actually done this on the last few rockers I done. I don't know if anyone noticed. Most rocker designs have anywhere from two inch to six inch spaces between slats on the rocker assembly. Well, I was sitting in the shop one day with a cup of coffee looking at all my rockers, and something just didn't set well with me. About that time, I though about how clumsy my kids can be at times and those spaces on the rocker assemblies just jump out at me as major safey hazards. So, from now on, no more spaces between rocker slats. While I want to make my rocking toys as nice as possible, one of my most important priorities is also to be absolutely sure that I've done all I can to make them as safe as I can for little ones.

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