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Friday, November 13, 2009

Compact Disk Storage

This time I built something for my own personal use. I've always loved music. I have an extensive music collection. I've had a storage trunk for years that held my collection. The bottom held CDs while the top tray held cassette tapes. Well, I'm moving into the digital age and am in the slow process of converting all my old tapes to digital format, or CDs. Because of this, I needed more storage space for CDs. The old trunk just wouldn't hold them all. I built one almost identical to my old one. This one though holds CDs in the top and bottom.
I built it out of pecan and applied Minwax Gloss Pecan stain. Although I'm happy with it, it did turn out to be a little heavier than I thought it would be. If I built another one, I believe I'd plane the wood down thinner to take some weight off. Other than that though, I believe it will get the job done, as long as I don't acquire too many more CDs. If I do, well, I can alway build a larger storage trunk.
As always, I can be contacted if someone wants to purchase one of these. This is the only one I built, but I'd be happy to build another one.

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